Tryna be really happy w/o being really stupid.



Last year my New Years resolution was to make-over my bedroom and it went really well. Weirdly, I immediately got an editorial role at an interior design magazine. How serendipitous. I moved house just before Christmas and repainted immediately, so 2014′s decorating is done. Actually, my new room is so huge I ran out of Farrow & Ball second coat ’round and still need to go over some areas. Regardless, I feel it’s important to constantly advance and, so, repeating a resolution is not for me. I made a general list of good, global-minded resolutions here, which I do plan to follow through with. But, in fact, due to cold weather and deciding to take a social break after festive-ing, I have unconsciously become a hermit for January. Which has resulted in loads of indoor Youtube yoga and REALLY GETTING INTO the whole ‘Christy Turlington dressed head-to-toe in Versace’ Yogini vibe. So Yoga is kind of my new thing. I suppose all the additional floor space is really what has made this possible.

christy Turlington Versace Yoga

Alongside Youtube tutorials I have also been seeking guidance from many additional sources… online sources. So naturally GIFs have been a great help, as they are in any situation. Yoga GIFs are probably far more common now, but a couple of years ago Miami’s Standard Spa brought out a whole tumblr collection of them and it was pretty groundbreaking. Not all of their #fitgifs are yoga oriented, nonetheless I assure you they’ll have you heavily meditated.

Standard Spa tumblr yoga GIFSURFBOARD SURFBOARD

Standard Spa tumblr yoga GIF

A video I keep coming back to even when not on a yoga buzz is Into The Gloss’s facial yoga with Ranjana Khan, a stunning 57 year old jewellery designer. The video is less than ten minutes and I generally skip the intro, to 1:40. Afterwards my muscles feel calm, and, in particular, that ‘I’ve been staring at a computer screen for hours’ sensation is totally relieved.

Of course I have to show you this blog post on Marilyn Monroe by Eric Shaw. It breaks down the odds of her having practiced yoga and ends with a gallery of  Monroe striking some very endearing headstands. Well worth a look.

Marilyn Monroe Yoga Pose 2

A good-time Instagram couple to follow are Yoga Beyond — basically very motivational yoga cheerleaders.

Yogabeyond instagram

Next, importantly, Penelope Slinger is making exactly the kind of work I was hoping to stumble across during my ‘yoga’ Google search research phase. And she has been for decades. A Surrealist by choice, net artist by chance, she graduated from Chelsea Art School in the 60′s and has used the medium of collage her entire career. In 1993 Penny, or Penelope, discovered Photoshop and entered, in my mind, a great phase. She is also known for her erotic and Tantric art and is heavily influenced by Caribbean culture. This is the kind of art I want to dress my poor patchwork walls with.


“It is my hope that digital art will take its rightful place in the pantheon of the fine arts.” - Penny Slinger

Penny Slinger collage

Also, and this is totally disgusting and shocking so be prepared, an ongoing resolution I have is to reduce my email inbox. Currently I have just under 15,000 emails. All unopened accumulated junk. That’s less than half of what it was during the summer when I realised I would have to do something about it. As in, I accepted that I had a problem and needed help. To be honest I never really thought of it as something that was an issue but people have been genuinely taken aback when I reveal my number and it’s embarrassing. Taking charge of the situation seemed like the right thing to do. It’s far too depressing to wipe through the whole backlog in one sitting, so I’ve been patiently dealing with the lot in clumps. Bit by bit, gradually lowering the number, regaining control, finding peace and serenity.

I also plan to consciously unfollowing brands or people that I have no interest in, block fools on fb and definitely avoid annoying Yogini Instagram accounts. It’s gotta be done. These are the times we live in.

In conclusion, here is Alec Baldwin helping his wife make a prenatal yoga video. Stoically!!

Thanks Honey! Namaste.

UPDATE: These yoga army men by Craig Davies for Art sheep.



yoga GIF