Time is Money

865229855_1691325Clocked in three minutes late
time is money

€6.30 this week to spend seven minutes in the Ergoline bed tanning
I have not been on holiday

First paycheck spent on clothes to wear to work.
Does that count as an investment buy?

Rent money
covers storage, sleeping, washing, warmth,

let the time weep over you
feel it in your soul
automatic doors
open and close
at the slightest intrusion
the way they were set
in fact I can set them manually
to cont. open and they will never close on me

Rules and Procedures and different types of people
I am here to be subservient and represent a corporate brand
I never forget it

eight hours
one down
six left
one til break
back to work
all the time
three left
can I leave early
half an hour
cover for me
time is money
time goes by
outdated ideas
abstract expressionist art
capitalist workmodels

my life my energy my talent my smile my efforts my EQ
my good natured laugh and excellent people skills
my ability to multitask, writing poetry on the job, from behind the desk on till roll scroll
pushed the button, let it unwrap from its tight container
with sharp serrated entrance

I allow the money and protocols and procedures and ‘sign here please’ and ‘take care’ dictate my life
the pay off is a literal pay off, and a write off
of my time

even Cinderella, was on the clock
I don’t aspire to a life like that


moneyed clientele
wealthy families
fucking trust funds are you kidding me
I just don’t think anyone with healthy savings, a mortgage, several kids and a pension
And money for vacation will understand

my life and theirs
there are aspects I wish to inhabit
I enjoy the make believe of comfort and stability and decisions already made
in action
a child in existance
past the belly and the womb
in action
a marriage already
past the wedding

Receipt for your payment to TIDAL. Monthly.
Another month ? Paypal to iban to paypal to ebay
Hosting fee? Yearly.
Running out of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothpaste all at the same time. A running joke
I am dropping that handed-to-me-by-loving-relatives cash
make it rain
that earn-it-and-spend-it-try-and-save-it debit card


a droplet in the river going downstream
rather than a droplet into a lake
my lake
my house on the lake
sunshine reflecting off the water’s surface
tanning everyone who stays over
my family, my friends, my peers, my guests
they leave bronzed and freckled with wealth
with fucking wealthy smiles and wealthy carefree breaths

Gold fishin'

I just want to not worry about money
how realistic or average is that, as a goal or as wishful thinking
fuck average
Do I want to be exceptional ? Yes.
Does having more money say you are an exceptional person
Idk I think rich people can be really boring and domesticated

I want to be creative and engaged and happy and appreciated