Tryna be really happy w/o being really stupid.

Time Goes By

Out with a bang. Boom baby boom. Bonne Année. Baby, you’re a firework.

Annie fireworks

Time can be measured by seconds, minutes, hours, days, guesswork, decay, how we spend it, when the next cheque’s coming in, how many songs have played, faster in a red room, slower in a blue room.

Its called time people and
If you don’t slow down and
Realize what you’re doin
You might lose everything

Cause. Time. Goes. By. And it goes on. I saaaid Tiiiiimme. Gooooooooooess byyy. And it gooes ooon. And it don’t stop.

Ever notice in print adverts for watches how the hands are always pointing at 10:08? Like these Vashtie x Baby-G watches. That Vashtie girl has one super cool website. Or the Dior ‘Grand Bal’ collectioin below them. Or the Swatch rainbow selection below that.


The 10:08 thing is a sign of a classy brand. If you want to know if someone is wearing a genuine Rolex, here’s what you do. Ask them the time. If you get any other reply, it’s a cheap knock-off. If it ain’t ten-oh-eight — It’s a fake. Or 10:10 if you’re rounding it up. Alternatively, there’s a theory going ’round that it’s the angle of the masonic triangle.

Out with the old and in with the new. Here’s a handy countdown tool.