Steve Penley Coca-Cola Blingees

This is a bit convoluted but Coca-Cola is produced by The Coca-Cola Company of Atlanta, Georgia, where it was originally first sold way back in 1886. Steve Penley is a patriotic Georgia-based expressionist painter, frequently commissioned by corporations such as Coca-Cola, Fox News, Chick-fil-A, Air-Tran, and also well-known for his portraits of Republican politicians and iconic Americana. Coca-Cola refer to him as their unofficial artist in residence.” In an interview with Penley by Molly Ball for The Atlantic,  Jerry Saltz e-mailed her that he “saw only a 100 percent derivative person who makes things that look like art… [That] could have been made by any second rate Expressionist from about 1945 on.” I made these sick Blingees as part of my on-going Georgian Studies back in mid 2015.

Steve Penley Coca Cola Blingee 1 Steve Penley Coca Cola Blingee 2 Steve Penley Coca Cola Blingee 3 Steve Penley Coca Cola Blingee 4