Tryna be really happy w/o being really stupid.


sparkling-diamond-bling-animated-gif-240.35caratPinkDiamondPrincessCutdiamond gifsparkling-diamond-bling-animated-gif-5OrangeDiamond

I’m super sparkly but you, you are solid gold

gold-mockingbird-mine-californiaWe both came from the ground

a mix of minerals, little rocks (little rocks)

Idyllic alchemy, heat, reacting to each of our needs

sensations in the makingRough Diamondgold-picyou rose

flickering in a girl’s eye

and sensed your way

smoothed your edges

crossed landscapes

conquering, rapid

I’m so impressed with how you exist

so so firm and so soft


btw I heard you were there when the solar system formed, in fine form

that you can run with fire

and both I believe with easeGOLD-2

Does it matter if a volcano or a meteor created me?

I’m here (for you) magnanimous, dazzling appeal

So fair

You are aware that I can cut through steel

not a scratch on me

Such pleasing surface and matter

radiant, unbreakable

Strongest bond right here, my love


You searched around and found me

then you kept searching

I kept searching




Still, it turned out that only I could shape myself


pebbles and stones were dismissed


then you returned to me

full circle


amorous and audacious

smooth and ingrained

then you spread out and rested with me


keep me encase me hold me up hold me tight keep me safe keep me secure keep me near


not everything will be weighed up like you might expect

other than pure desire, illogic lust and exquisite insitinct.

I could spend 50, 60 good years with you, srsly

I see you flickering in a woman’s eye                                                                           treasured


You stay true to your form

I stay true to mine

Together we both shine



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