Repeat Repeat Repeat

There are a lot of audio compilations of people repeatedly saying something over and over (and over …), but some are better, better, better, better than others. In this Synch! I have gathered my own personal favourites, some are pure pop, others are a mix of musical genres.

There’s an old superstition that ‘if your ears are ringing, someone is talking about you’. This supercut on Vulture of the Kardashian girls’ consistent “Kanye” mentions is surely worth considering as a possible influence on West’s recent album. That’s a cheap shot btw. Also, I’m a fan of Yeezus. The clip is due to West’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians cameo-only agreement. He rarely appeared in season eight but obviously never considerd how often his GF and future in-laws speak of him. Vulture even draws the comparison of West as a ghost-like figure, always hidden in the unseen, off-camera world – not for the superstitious.

K Kard KUWTK Christmas Card

Another fine example is the artist Jim Ricks‘ 2011 project, Living, Dreaming, Going. An edit of over 25 songs with their lyrics removed, except ‘California’. It’s a chaotic jumble, much like the Britney Spears example below, but Ricks’ work is purposely about creating mythology through constant affirmation and appropriation. How an idea or perception of something, in this case the State of California, can be firmly set into people’s hearts.

So here’s the collection of Ms. Spears and her “Baby’s”. blonde1011017, who uploaded this onto youtube in 2009, said that she ‘went through almost every one of songs (sic).’ Britney’s newer works are not included. However, I have gone through some of Ms. Spears’ recent releases and can confirm that her “Baby’s” appear in the soft, emotional Perfume, but not in the dominating Work Bitch. Two sides to the Brit Coin, eh!

If you knows of any more of these I’d love to hear about them. I might do a Repeat II.

Britney Spears Baby One More Time