Godmother, Fairy

I know I’m not satisfied w the idea to be a princess, maybe I want to be a fairy godmother ?

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Bibbialta do-do-do-do-boo

A powerful female rolemodel in a sparkly dress ? Sounds ideal.

cinderella 2015 helenawhitney fairy godmothercinderella illustration

Salagadoola menchicka boola

groucho gdomother

cinderella mosaic

ABC's Once Upon a Timefairy god mother illustration

Fairy Godmother with Deb Wood


cilla black cinderella

Celeste-Holm Fairy Godmother Cinderella 1965TheFairyGodmother_zpsqbjifoho

It’ll do magic, believe it or not

cindereall fairy godmother

Yuliya Vysotskaya as the Fairy Godmother in The Nutracker in 3D

1958 American actor Shirley Temple wears a fairy godmother costume


Nicki Minaj as her own fairy godmother in her 'Moment 4 Life' video.

errol le cain

Marina Warner scan-page-001