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Georgia Thomas


This is a shout out to Georgia Thomas, the cucumber-cool, strong-willed, supporting character from Ally McBeal, which aired on September 8th, 1997. Georgia debuted in the pilot episode, as the wife of Ally’s high school sweetheart. Of course, to mess with things, they all end up working in the same quirky ass law firm, with its infamous unisex toilet. Difficult situation, but they manage. In fact that’s why I feel Georgia is worthy of #dabizz.

Ally mcbeal cast

I recently re-watched the first series and was impressed by the female dynamics. I like the character’s rational, smarts and subtle analysis’. Georgia and Ally never resort to cat fights, despite being naturally wary of each other – and why would they? These are intelligent women, with degrees from Michigan Law and Harvard, respectively. They probably nailed their psychology modules. Instead of feeling threatened, they are completely upfront and honest with each other. It’s a good example to set. Let’s all use our words. Even if you have to admit you hate each other, just get it out there. In contrast, Ally’s relationship with her ex is stuck in a mud filled of unspoken emotions and misgivings. 

Georgia Thomas tongue

Generally the show’s themes are relationships, sex, sexism, and equality (particularly in the workplace). We follow the personal lives of the characters, synced with relevant and ‘taboo’ court cases. And talking about taboos, Courtney Thorne-Smith, who played Georgia Thomas, left after the third series to focus on her health and eating habits, something she felt unable to do while on set. The show attracted anorexia headlines during its peak, and lost integrity as a result. How feminist could it be when several of its female leads were dealing with body image issues and visibly under-weight? Despite this, I feel, in hindsight, that the show itself holds up. At least they could all enjoy a good cup of coffee first thing in the morning.



In related news, Googling ‘Georgia Thomas Lawyer’ will present this real-life lady.

Georgia Thomas Lawyer


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