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Georgia Coffee

David Lynch directed these mystery plot TV advertisements for Georgia Coffee way back in 1993. That’s more than two decades ago. The perfect pairing in my mind  detectives are always hanging out in cheap diners asking for a refill, amiright? The ads piggybacked off his cult Twin Peaks series and featured regulars, like Kyle MacLachlan. Sad news… Originally a second series of a possible four was planned, but the corpo heads, unhappy with the first series, canceled them.

#1 – Lost

#2 – Cherry Pie

#3 – The Mystery of ‘G’

#4 – The Rescue

About the product  although Georgia Coffee is sold almost entirely in Japan, it is actually an American drink that’s been around since 1975 and belongs to the mega-giant Cola-Cola company. I guess the David Lynch brand just wasn’t for them, but they have certainly found a form of expression that is significantly more bizarre and niche then what Lynch offered. WTF.




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