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Georgia Borderline


‘Georgia has accused Moscow of moving Russia’s border with Georgian breakaway region of Abkhazia deeper into the disputed territory ahead of the Winter Olympic Games in nearby Sochi.’


Dr Maia Panjikidze,¬†Georgia’s Foreign Minister, issued a statement on Tuesday concerning “the decision of the Russian Federation and it’s occupation regime in Abkhazia, which provides for the illegal expansion of the so-called border zone 11km deeper into Georgia’s territory,”

Georgia Abkhazia Russia

The alleged move seems to be keeping up appearances during the Winter Olympics and Paralympics Games, which are taking place in Russia’s Black Sea resort. The move would last until March 21st. Russian officials have not confirmed the border move.

Russia and Georgia have an intense political history,¬†as neighboring countries often do, the former establishing a communist takeover in 1921. Shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Georgia declared its independence. Many years of back and forth battle followed, and only in 2008 did Russia recognise Georgia’s independence.

So the decision to move the border is a loaded one, as it would be without the dramatic back story. These things need to be discussed first.

via Al Jazeera



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