Hello, and welcome. I thought I’d give you some friendly information about my logo, . You’ll see it over there in the left hand corner of every Georgiadabizz page and tab. Or should I say ‘tabizz’.

Georgiadabizz logo


ジ is the Japanese katakana character for a ‘Ji’ sound. Katakana is used mainly for words imported from foreign languages. So you can see below how the word ‘Radio’ changes to ‘Ra-Ji-o’.

Ra-Ji-O Tee Radio T-shirt

Ji/ジ is a part of the Shi/シ family. The katakana character has become popular as an emoticon in the Western world due to its obvious smiling face.  The following .gif shows how it is written IRL, when putting pen to paper, including the correct direction of each stroke.

Katakana GIF

Katakana Za Ji Zu Ze Zo

Let's Learn Katakana

This is how it is signified in Japanese Braille, ⠐ (braille pattern dots-5) ⠳ (braille pattern dots-1256) ⠒ (braille pattern dots-25) .

Hopefully this has all been very informative, friendly and nicely illustrated. Three descriptive words I would like to have applied to this website as the posts and months and years go by. Once again I’d like to welcome you to Georgiadabizz, stop by any time.

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