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You love food, you have a healthy relationship with it. But, heck, you’re bored of looking at pictures of your mates’ lunch on line. Take some advice and check out the #fooddoodz tag on instagram? A playful, colourful, sometimes saucy antidote to the never-ending food blogger pitter-platter. The brainchild of DirtyFinger, a #fooddoodz pioneer and overseer. The tag has gathered a devoted following, which I’m gonna credit to his sound vibes, keen eye for a #notfooddoodz and real deal enjoyment in the illustrations that inspired the tag.  Look out for the up-and-coming #dentaldoodz and #letterdoodz. And keep an eye out for those twisted #cannibaldoodz. 

#fooddoodz yam @spacemanluna

We had a little chat.

Can you describe what a #fooddoodz is and how this hashtag got started.   A #fooddoodz is anytime a food has a face on it. I think it’s pretty universally funny to humanize something you’re about to eat, chew and shit out  much less to imagine having a conversation with a potato. Obviously, some foods already have a face and that’s usually even weirder because then, say it’s a pig, a pig advertising eating pigs and grinning with a pork sausage on a fork. Kinda nasty. Like when I see a pigeon here in NYC eating another dead pigeon smashed in the road, or some fried chicken someone dropped. I always try and add a #CannibalDoodz on those. I’ve collected anthropomorphic food as pictures forever, but instagram sez the first one I hashtagged #fooddudes was 110 weeks ago… changed the spelling since then, too much random stuff in the collection.

Who else is involved with the tag? I’m hyped that a LOT of people are using the hashtag. It’s turning into a pretty rad collection. Early on, when I couldn’t figure out a good spelling to weed out a bunch of guys and their food pics, @njorg helped me come up with the new spelling  FoodDudes to FoodDoodz. @djreaganomics a friend I DJ a lot with here in NYC was an early poster too.

Top three all time #fooddoodz EVER? Uhhh damn that’s hard, I’ll limit it to pictures that exist on ze gram:

#Fooddoodz #31 cannibaldoodz

This was in Trieste, Italy I think… A bunch of us were travelling by junk raft to the Biennale in Venice a few summers ago. This bug-eyed, gelato freak with a cone dong and blue boots was just standing there about to lick his own head off. Very huggable.

#Fooddoodz #22 Mr Peanut

Mr. Peanut is a classic of course, but this old box has the best version of him I’ve ever seen. Freddy Kruger complexion, weird hands and nice grimace… I also make collage out of images from printed cardboard boxes (#ConradCarlson). I really, really, really covet this box.

#Fooddoodz #13 Mr Softee

Behold the king of all #fooddoodz. Mr. Softee! Ice cream trucks here in NYC proudly spread the gospel of this almighty, perfectly dollop’d, sharp-dressed-Mister all over town.

You are also involved in a street festival, Bike Kill, which I’ve seen some pretty mad Vines of. What’s the story behind this? Bike Kill is a block party here in Brooklyn put together by the New York chapter of the Black Label Bicycle Club (#bikekill #blacklabelbicycleclub). The Black Label Bicycle Club has hundreds of members in 7 different cities. I am the president of the New York Chapter. We’ve been doing Bike Kill for 11 years now. Every year we pull out about 50 of the custom freakbikes we have made over the years and invite anyone to ride them or bring bikes of their own and party with us. Hundred of people come out to do stupid events on impossibly stupid bikes… or just watch and drink and maybe get in a food fight.

And I’m told you are a graff artist, have you ever made any of your own #fooddoodz? I have no idea what your talking about. ;)

#Fooddoodz, graffing and Bike Kill are each open to people connecting through them – a kindred spirit kind of vibe. Why is this important to you? What is life without community? Friends are family. Weirdo’s, jerks, artists and assholes unite.

What are your thoughts on Net Art and it’s community? I’m guessing you mean art that only exists online? It’s cool, I guess. But, damn, sometimes you gotta turn your computer off and maybe throw your phone into the river ’cause the cops are coming. Then what good is it? Any community that exists solely around internet interaction is weird.

What would your dream job/commission be? I kinda have it! DJing for a living and getting paid to make fun happen is pretty dreamy. I’d def like to be making a lot more art though, getting paid more often to do that would be alright too.

Rate your internet use out of 10? (10 being the highest achievement, 0 being the lowest.) Huh? I use it a lot but that’s not much of an achievement  0.

Who of your friend’s/peer’s work are you most impressed by? Since this is an Instagram thing, I guess here’s a couple friendz that make cool stuff: @swoonhq @ufo907 @johnnycoast @__moreferalthan__ @goldwhistlenyc @brlsq @corinneloperfido @icsigns @vonsven @seanbartonsigns @suckapants … There’s so many!

Do you have any early #fooddoodz memories? Growing up, there was this commercial for Sea Galley — some seafood restaurant I never even went too. It had a creepy commercial with these dudes with giant crab legs singing “We’ve got Crab legs, Sea Galley, We’ve got Crab legs, Sea Galley…”   I would always think about how big a pot is would take to boil a human. Then, of crushing their weird, red legs with giant crab leg crackers, or whatever those things are, and exposing the pounds and pounds of dripping, steamy, gross, white crab meat inside. I think that counts as a #fooddoodz memory… def an early one. Whoa I found it on Youtube.


Instagram: @dirtyfinger

Tumblr: Conrad Carlson

Ms Tomato threesome #fooddoodz

#Fooddoodz marshmallow @porkypig1935

#fooddoodz fruitgums @tropicalpigeons

curly corn puff #fooddoodz @therealjimricks

#fooddoodz avocado @njorg

gingerman #fooddoodz

#fooddoodz belle mango @dtristman

sushi cutie #fooddoodz @njorg

watermelon #fooddoodz

Howard is your pickle man #fooddoodz

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