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I can’t exactly remember how I came across her, but I have been following Zoe Burnett’s tumblr page, Dream Beam, for a while (and linking various posts to friends). I was particularly drawn to her emoji wallpapers – HERE and HERE – which Ihave used as on my previous work’s computer (a beautiful piece of mac), as my fb cover photo for a while and now, here, as Georgiadabizz’s background in honor of Ms. Burnett.

I was as thrilled to hear she had been picked to show at the Emoji Art & Design Show as I was to hear that such a thing existed. Her work has very obsessive, religious and occult themes running through it. And constantly referencing internet use, of course. She’s currently based in Ohio, studying Graphic Design.

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We had a little chat.

What was your experience of the Emoji Art & Design Festival in New York?
It was really great, especially for one of my first real art show experiences. I’ve been making emoji art for a little while now but it was cool to see such an interest in it from others.

Emojis or GIFs?
GIFs of emojis.


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I presume you have a smart phone, can you list the apps you use most often.
I have an iPhone but I only have 15 or so apps. I think I’m doing the whole smartphone thing wrong. I use it for like the internet things I do on my computer (tumblr, twitter, facebook,etc). Apart of those, my favorite app at the moment is newmoticons, based on the site of the same name by OKFocus. It’s cute and fun: (_/¯◜◦ᴗ◦◝)_/¯

What are your thoughts on Net Art and it’s community?
All I really make is net art so of course I think it’s cool. And I’ve “met” a lot of good people through it.

What would your dream job/commission be?
Getting paid to take selfies.

Do you have set plans for your future?(currently Ms. Burnett is studying Graphic Design)?
Thinking about my future turns me into the wailing face with squinting eyes emoji. My only plans right now are to finish school & keep making art.

Rate your internet use out of 10? (10 being the highest achievement, 0 being the lowest.)
A solid 9. Not a 10 because a girl’s gotta sleep. But other than that, I pretty much live online.

Are there things that you see consistently inspiring you or do you go through phases? 
A little bit of both. My #1 source of inspiration is always the internet… But I still go through phases. Right now, I think I’m getting over my emoji phase and going into a selfie phase. Selfies are really a thing right now. I’m especially fascinated with James Franco and his selfies. The internet is calling him the selfie king… He just wrote an article in the NY Times about selfies. WTF dude, let’s take selfies together.

Who of your friend’s/peer’s work are you most impressed by? 
I know I already mentioned OKFocus earlier but they continually impress me with their work. My good friend Noah Spidermen ( is also always making great things that I wish I would’ve thought of.


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